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I feel like I prefer movies, but, at the same time, theater is so exciting when you're doing it. It's a harder job doing theater.
Quotation of Ana De

I would not change anything I've done or what I've lived, and with whom I have lived it.
Quotation of Ana De

It's easier for me to act in Spanish, but as soon as I get the lines in English and I know them by heart, it becomes really easy. You don't have to worry about the language anymore. It just takes more time. In Spanish, I can learn lines in 10 minutes. In English, it's going to take an hour.
Quotation of Ana De

I love playing tennis. To me this is not a workout, but a fun extracurricular activity I do with friends so it doesn't feel like I'm working out.
Quotation of Ana De

I grew up next to the ocean, on the coast, and would dance the salsa all day, so I just learned those rhythms and knew how to move my body when I was very little.
Quotation of Ana De

I try to walk at least three times a week for 40 minutes or an hour. I do it at the gym on the treadmill, or I go hiking outside.
Quotation of Ana De

I'm weird. I'm not too focused on the physicality of a man. They just have to become my best friend, and then I start to get attracted to them. I've never been in a bar and just hit on a guy and started kissing him; I've never done that in my life.
Quotation of Ana De

I love the opportunity to do films in different countries and I’m now just exploring what’s out there and what might be a good fit for me as an actress, I think it’s great to be able to work both in Mexico and the US. I never imagined that I would get to do that. There’s definitely a lot of competition in Hollywood, but it also gives you the chance to do your very best and show it off.
Quotation of Ana De

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