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Not guilty? Wow! Speechless!!
Quotation of Cheryl Burke

One night I was supposed to go out with my friends but I couldn’t do it. Every time someone looked at me I was like, ‘That person thinks I’m fat,’ I love carbs and I love chips. I’m not going to deprive myself — but instead of eating potato chips I’ll eat Triscuits or low-fat Cheez-Its. There are moments when I’m like, ‘Ugh – the camera adds 10 lbs. But as long as I work up a sweat and eat clean, I’m okay. I feel great about my body.
Quotation of Cheryl Burke

I’m telling my story, They’re not secrets. There’s no shame. I felt guilty for wanting his love and affection. The hardest thing I’ve ever done … I saw his face and lawyers were asking me these questions and I was like, ‘What am I doing? Did he even do anything wrong?’ If I can help just one person, for me that’s all that matters.
Quotation of Cheryl Burke

There's this huge explosion of things that have happened in my life in the past three years and I'm so grateful. People are seeing that it's a great alternative to going to the gym, It's a great way to do something really healthy for your body and you don't even know it because you have so much fun doing it.
Quotation of Cheryl Burke

He's a much better cook than I am and it helps when we eat meals together that are healthy as opposed to going out for dinner, which I did a lot when I was single
Quotation of Cheryl Burke

I gained a few pounds and everybody was talking about it last year, But taking it off was simply a matter of doing a bit more cardio to supplement my dancing. I'm also making sure I eat clean foods and healthy snacks.
Quotation of Cheryl Burke

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