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(on her feelings towards the characters she has played) I've loved every character I've played so far and I think it is because there is a little bit of me in every one of them.
Quotation of Francia Raisa

(on her celebrity encounter) My most memorable one so far, and it's only because it's Angelina Jolie's dad, was Jon Voight. We were at the MTV Awards and he actually came up to my boyfriend and told him that he really enjoyed his work. I love, love Angelina Jolie.
Quotation of Francia Raisa

(on how long acting has been a part of her life) I started when I was 16. One day I just said that I'm tired of this, I've been wanting to act my whole life, I've got to do something about it now or I think later it'll be too late.
Quotation of Francia Raisa

(on 'why she goes by Raisa instead of Almandarez'): It was actually a miscommunication when I first started in the business. When I was getting my headshots, they mixed up my names. They put Almandárez. I was really upset about it. I guess I never made it clear in production with my first couple of projects to change it to Raisa. The reason is that my dad said when I was born he gave me the name Francia Raisa because he knew that one day I was going to be a star. So I really wanted to keep that. I love my last name, but I just adore Francia Raisa and I want to keep my father's wishes.
Quotation of Francia Raisa

(on 'The Cutting Edge'): I loved the energy and the passion that everyone had while making this film. We all had great chemistry, and we all got along really well. It translated to the big screen amazingly, and it helped us bring the characters to life. I really enjoyed getting back into figure skating and learning all the stunts. I used to skate about nine years ago, and when I was doing this film I was able to advance my skating abilities, get into shape, and I got free ice skating lessons!
Quotation of Francia Raisa

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