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I think that there is that special equation for everything, but I don't think our mathematics have evolved enough for us to even, I think theres, like, a whole new mathematics that wed have to learn to get that equation.
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I haven't bought anything that expensive in a really long time. The only thing I buy is, like, food and skateboards.
Quotation of Jaden Smith

If I'm with my friends, and they'll be like, 'Oh, hey, where's your dad? Let's go say hi.' And I'll be like, 'Oh, no. He's watching hours and hours of TED Talks just...Dude, don't go in there.' Last time I went in there, he said, 'Jaden, so the art of telling stories is an art that you really have to learn. I want you to read Aesop's Fables.' 'Dad, I've read Aesop's Fables three times.' 'Honestly, you can't read it enough.' But when you're on your way to see a 9:15 movie and it's nine o'clock, he's like, 'Wait, wait, Jaden, I need to tell you something about life, man.'
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I trained every day for four months with Master Wu...We did a lot of stretching.
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I was in LA, we were all hanging out. Then I went to New York and she came too, then she came here and surprised me, so that's pretty baller. She's one of my 'BEST FRIENDS.' It's pretty awesome.
Quotation of Jaden Smith

I'd say my dad is the best actor in the family because he has been doing it the longest and hes had more work. I've learned a few lessons in my life. The worst so far is dont drink Coke and eat Mentos at the same time. The best so far is, never lie.
Quotation of Jaden Smith

I like aliens. I think aliens are really cool, because they exist. I talked to President Obama about extraterrestrials. He said he could neither confirm nor deny the existence of aliens, which means they're real. If people think we're the only people that live in this universe, then something is wrong with them.
Quotation of Jaden Smith

People tell me to smile I tell them the lack of emotion In my face doesn't Mean I'm unhappy.
Quotation of Jaden Smith

I'm just working in my family business with my dad. Patterns, boom.
Quotation of Jaden Smith

I try to go for the trippy vocals, the trippy sounds, because that's what really makes a production, you know what I mean? I was going for that kind of lo-fi sound, so I could show people that I don't need big budgets and it's serious- we're rapping and it's not a game. The movement, and everything, it's actually real. We're serious about it.
Quotation of Jaden Smith

I'll watch movies I like to see, Steve Jobs interviews, something that's going to make me smart and then go to sleep.
Quotation of Jaden Smith

I used to not be really honest with girls and then I dropped a song called 'Starry Room' and then I started turning over a new leaf.
Quotation of Jaden Smith

My dad once told me, he was like, 'The only time you should lie is when someone's holding a gun to your head and says 'Okay, lie or I'm going to shoot you.'' And that really stuck with me.
Quotation of Jaden Smith

Be careful with how you make the world perceive you, because they'll perceive you like that for the rest of your life.
Quotation of Jaden Smith

Having girlfriends is... I can't do it. It doesn't mean I don't hang out with girls. It just means that I don't like being in a relationship, because it makes things very complicated. The one piece of advice that I listen to adults on - because I don't listen to adults when it comes to most things - is that I'm too young to have a girlfriend.
Quotation of Jaden Smith

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