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The difference between doing something and not doing something is doing something.
Quotation of James Corden

It's strange how things seem to come full circle. You know what I mean? I'm sure you do. The way your life seems to drift along with no set path, then something good happens to you and you can trace the line that brought you there back to a specific disappointment or rejection you suffered in the past. It's nice that things can level out that way.
Quotation of James Corden

It doesn't help anyone to judge their happiness or career by looking at where others may or may not be. Dad said it best: 'All the time you're looking left and right at other people, you're neglecting what's in front of you.If you focus on looking straight ahead, you can take the odd glance at the future.' He's got a way of saying things sometimes that just puts everything into perspective.
Quotation of James Corden

There's nothing nicer than getting a round of applause for turning up for work, It's amazing! You start work and people clap. Do you know what I mean? And then they stand up and clap at the end.
Quotation of James Corden

[on a memory of getting his first laugh] I was three and it was during my younger sister's christening and I was lifted up to stand on a chair so I could see. I looked out at the congregation of about thirty or forty people, bu to me it seemed like thousands. And I started to do little dances on the chair and pull faces and turn around under my legs - and everyone burst out laughing. Even the vicar was laughing. And I can vividly remember something clicked and thinking, This feels amazing!
Quotation of James Corden

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