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Net Worth: $30000000

Born in 1990, this 23 year old American beauty is fast and furiously climbing up the ladder of fame and fortune. At just 17, she landed with her first major role in the sitcom “The Bill Engvall Show”, and since then she has won Golden Globe Awards and an Oscar. Let’s take a look at her outstanding achievements and how much money she has made so far.

2007-2009 First TV Appearance

During this time Jennifer Lawrence starred in “The Bill Engvall Show”. She played the daughter who struggled with typical teenager issues such as dating and studying. She earned an estimated $200,000. Not a bad start! She also made her first movie appearances in “Garden Party”, “The Poker House”, and “The Burning Plain”.

2010-2012 Enter the Hunger Games

In 2010 Lawrence received her first Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in the movie “Winter’s Bone”. This seemed to be the point at which she shot up in the fame department. And with more fame comes more money! In 2011 she starred in “Like Crazy”. She also appeared in “X-Men: First Class” and “The Beaver”. In 2012 Jennifer landed a huge role in “The Hunger Games” where she starred as Katniss Everdeen. She reports to have been intimidated by taking on this movie because it was such a biggie. She worked very hard to get into shape and prepare for her role prior to filming. And it paid off. She was said to have been paid just under $500,000 this, the first of the Hunger Game movies. Following this huge movie, she starred in “Silver Linings Playbook” and in “House at the End of the Street”. Aside from acting, in 2012, Jennifer was made the new face of Dior, which is said to have earned her $18 million. She has also done some adverts for H&M fashion.

2013- Present- BIG Cash

In 2013, “The Hunger Games- Catching Fire” was released where Jennifer Lawrence earned a whopping $10 million! In 2013 she also played in “American Hustle” and in January of this year, 2014, Jennifer won a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress for this movie. We can look forward to many upcoming films starring this spectacular woman, including “Serena” set to be released in April this year.

Jennifer Lawrence’s Assets

Jennifer could drive any car in the world! However, she is rather frugal and doesn’t like to attract too much attention. She drives a white Volkswagen Eos convertible, and a black Chevy Volt. Always nice to have a bit of a choice! Jennifer currently does not own a home as she cannot decide if she wants to buy in New York or in L.A. She lives with her parents, despite the fact that she can afford to have her own mansion anywhere in the world. Rumour has it that she and fiancé Nicholas Hoult are looking at buying property in the U.K? Let’s see what happens there...

Jennifer Lawrence’s Holidays

Jennifer has been spotted at some very popular holiday resorts, but nothing too extreme in terms of cost. The star has stayed in San Pedro, a small town in the Ambergis Caye island. She spent between $80 and $400 per night for accommodation. Let’s not lie, she could certainly afford more than that!

With a net worth of $30 million, we can expect this young star to keep soaring. Let’s hope she remains as down to earth as she is. She is definitely one of Hollywood’s best!

Jennifer Lawrence Net Worth ($26 Million) Breakdown
Series and Shows (estimated) $200,000
The Bill Engvall Show (estimated) $200,000
Movies $ 18 million
The Hunger Games $1 million (including escalators)
The Hunger Games - Catching Fire $10 million
The Poker House (estimated) $350,000
The Burning Plain (estimated) $400,000
Winter’s Bone ($3,000 per week) $900,000
American Hustle $5 million
Assets $70,000
Volkswagen Eos convertible $40,000
Chevy Volt $30,000
Endorsements $ 18.5 million
Dior $ 18 million
H&M $500,000

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