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I play a detective, very close to myself actually.
Quotation of Jon Voight

I was a guy who needed to go to class, because I had some raw talent that I thought was identifiable, when I finally made a decision to be an actor. And yet I wanted to learn how to really do the stuff. You know, 'How do I get to be a serious actor?'
Quotation of Jon Voight

I'm really excited about that picture, just because the ingredient - Can you imagine saying you've never seen anything like this before?
Quotation of Jon Voight

I've been very fortunate - You only can do what you're offered, you know?
Quotation of Jon Voight

It's grown into a personal relationship, yeah. I'm crazy about Jerry. I think he's a unique character.
Quotation of Jon Voight

There's the young Jon Voight and the old Jon Voight.
Quotation of Jon Voight

You can get digital technology that almost is film quality, and go make little films and do everything you can to find a little understanding of your own voice and it will grow - Don't take no for an answer - Take every opportunity you can to do something.
Quotation of Jon Voight

You start where you can get an opportunity, you take everything that you can do to gain entrance. You do the little work and you try to find people who can teach you.
Quotation of Jon Voight

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