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I think the industry is oblivious to the fact that most people listen to all kinds of stuff. I personally don't know of anyone who listens to only one genre of music. It's vanity because no one does.
Quotation of Keith Urban

I used a different co-producer, Dann Huff, for this record, and then I did half the record myself. I moved into that self-production area, a little more so than the first record.
Quotation of Keith Urban

I'm a little more comfortable in that role. I love being in the studio.
Quotation of Keith Urban

It can get a little costly if you try and leave it until then to write songs. But you're writing all the time. You're collecting songs. I've had songs that have been collected over a two-year period for my next record.
Quotation of Keith Urban

It's not the case of turning in a bunch of songs and recording the next month. I think you're looking for songs all year long and you're writing all year long.
Quotation of Keith Urban

It's something I've always loved doing. I'm not one of the artists who comes in and just does my bit. I'm there every second of every day. That's my hands-on situation.
Quotation of Keith Urban

My father's record collection was all country. That's how I was exposed to it.
Quotation of Keith Urban

Once we get into the groove, we're kind of like long-distance runners - that adrenalin kicks in for me and I just keep running - and I don't stop!
Quotation of Keith Urban

They're mostly done before we went into the studio, although I do like writing in the studio.
Quotation of Keith Urban

We go to Australia with LeAnn Rimes for a couple of weeks in October. We have a lot of shows between now and the end of the year.
Quotation of Keith Urban

You're always in a different headspace when you make each record, so hopefully they're all different. You just pick up things that you wish you hadn't done on the first one.
Quotation of Keith Urban

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