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All I knew was that L.A. is where dancers got jobs and L.A. was the dot MapQuest led to. My parents thought, `Oh my God, what is she going to turn into out there?'
Quotation of Kimberly Wyatt

I'm a lot shyer than most of the girls, but my personality on stage is full-out. I really go for it.
Quotation of Kimberly Wyatt

"I had only seen a poster for them. I remember falling in love with the girls. Not many acts let you be sexy and still be about girl power." (about her band, the Pussycat Dolls)
Quotation of Kimberly Wyatt

Sing like nobody's listening, Dance like nobody's watching, and live like it's your last.
Quotation of Kimberly Wyatt

Share your honesty with instinct and conviction to create, understand and be a balanced you.
Quotation of Kimberly Wyatt

Small town Middle America is different from the coasts, and all the girls come from big cities. I have a different perspective. They love my stories about towns where the fancy clothing store is Wal-Mart.
Quotation of Kimberly Wyatt

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