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I work out with a trainer three times a week, and I try to take long walks and hikes.
Quotation of Rebecca Gayheart

To look long and lean, wear a wide-leg trouser with high heels.
Quotation of Rebecca Gayheart

I love being married more than anyone. It's what I always wanted. I found the person who's perfect for me, and we have a great time and a great partnership.
Quotation of Rebecca Gayheart

My beauty routine is basically plenty of sleep and lots of water.
Quotation of Rebecca Gayheart

Sometimes I wake up and think, 'How did I get here?'
Quotation of Rebecca Gayheart

I definitely got my philanthropic genes from my mom and dad. They taught me from a very early age to always lend a helping hand to anyone in need, and I hope to raise my daughter to be a very kind and charitable person.
Quotation of Rebecca Gayheart

My stylist coached me on how to stand for photos. Always put one leg forward and a hand on your hip.
Quotation of Rebecca Gayheart

When I get a brand new bag, I wear it for months and months.
Quotation of Rebecca Gayheart

I drink at least five bottles of water a day and always get eight hours of sleep.
Quotation of Rebecca Gayheart

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