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Frank Zappa... was Beethoven for insane rock guys.
Quotation of Scott Ian

I don't think any of our lyrics have ever been erotic in a sexual term, because I haven't really written, touched on, that subject too often. But, uh... I mean, I suppose they could point the finger at us for violence maybe in certain songs.
Quotation of Scott Ian

I really don't worry about what people say or what they have to say or what they think - it just doesn't matter.
Quotation of Scott Ian

I've always been a true believer that if men had babies, nobody would be trying to tell them what they can and can't do with their bodies.
Quotation of Scott Ian

If someone wants to sticker a record for whatever reason, that's fine. But once it affects someone's opportunity to, you know, get that record, then I have a problem with it.
Quotation of Scott Ian

Music and songs are written at different periods of time, at different times in your life. They reflect the feelings you have and to be honest, I quite like having positive emotions.
Quotation of Scott Ian

We've always been a band that just did out own thing. We've never really set any goals, we just did what we wanted and set out to do.
Quotation of Scott Ian

Scott Ian Events

Revolver Golden Gods Awards at Club Nokia


Classic Rock Roll Of Honour Awards at the Park Lane Hotel


2nd Annual "Ante Up For Africa" Celebrity Poker Tournament at the 2008 World Series of Poker


The L.A. Times' The Envelope's Emmy Screening Series Presentation of "Battlestar Galactica" - Arrivals


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