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Everyone likes a bit of competition.
Quotation of Jamie Dornan

I've always needed to bulk up, so until the modeling took off I was ramming Big Macs down my throat and doing plenty of bodyweight work. I'm over the Big Macs now, but I'll still drop down and do my press ups whenever I find the time.
Quotation of Jamie Dornan

I can't really do the running on hard ground that I used to do. Instead I go swimming as often as possible.
Quotation of Jamie Dornan

I guess I'm just lucky with my genes.
Quotation of Jamie Dornan

I'm probably the worst person for 'Men's Health' to interview.
Quotation of Jamie Dornan

Fairytales are stories that span every generation and they've been around for a long time.
Quotation of Jamie Dornan

It's funny when you know you're playing two characters and you're aware of how you have to play each one into your performance of the other. You're constantly at the back of your mind thinking and it all gets a bit confusing.
Quotation of Jamie Dornan

Because I used to play a lot of sport, I've always been in decent enough shape. When I used to get asked to do a bit of body work before a photo shoot I'd lie and say, 'Yeah, I'm going to the gym.' I literally never did anything.
Quotation of Jamie Dornan

It's not like I cleaned up with girls. I always looked young and I was very small; I hated being 'cute.'
Quotation of Jamie Dornan

As a viewer, I don't respond well to actors doing more than they need to tell a story. I get really thrown by that, and pissed off. They're doing lots of things, but they could just stand there and say the lines, and it would tell the story in a far more pleasing way.
Quotation of Jamie Dornan

I don't think Paul Spector, from The Fall (2013) is that bad of a husband. I think he shows good qualities, despite the fact that he hunts and kills innocent women. But I want to show how regular these guys can be.
Quotation of Jamie Dornan

I'm still auditioning. I don't really have choices in the material I get. So I have to make the choices in the way I play the characters. And I'm happy to get a chance to play Christian Gray.
Quotation of Jamie Dornan

I don't like my physique. Who does? I was a skinny guy growing up, and I still feel like that same skinny kid.
Quotation of Jamie Dornan

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