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I thought my job as a scientist was to remove constraints... but constraints actually define media.
Quotation of Mark Wright

The more i talked to creative practitioners, I realised constraints are what define media - whether it's a camera or whatever. It's about what you are creative with.
Quotation of Mark Wright

Space is a catalyst for movement. It invokes in you a desire to explore.
Quotation of Mark Wright

Spellbinding is finding a way of taking a part of the internet and mapping it onto a physical location.
Quotation of Mark Wright

[Narrative becomes] a complex self-consistent space of interactivity. Narrative becomes not a single story but how you decide to reveal parts of that system and when.
Quotation of Mark Wright

Why did the panoramas die? I think it was the emergence of cinema and its position as a narrative media.
Quotation of Mark Wright

We've got these emerging changes in digital media which are challenging what narrative is.
Quotation of Mark Wright

We need this kind of interdisciplinary enquiry where we co-create and explore.
Quotation of Mark Wright

Film creates a new kind of interaction with the world that leads to new ways of thinking and doing.
Quotation of Mark Wright

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