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28 times Rita Ora's clothes made us look again

September 23, 2014 Rita Ora

Rita Ora certainly loves her fashion to be loud, flashy and dynamite.

She is not afraid to wear clothes that most normal people will never wear, but then again, that's the case for most celebrities. They can afford to buy and wear clothes that most of us will never do. But I guess one of the main difference between Rita and many other celebs, is that she somehow manages to carry them off quite well!

Here are the best of her outfits that will make anyone do a double-take to take it all in.

1. When she wore a face on her pants

2. When she stripped away her jester's outfit

3. When spongebob never looked so hot

4. When she literally became a walking rainbow

5. When she went all sporty and stripey

6. When she let her cleavage do the talking

7. When she wore this stunning psychedelic coat

8. When her sexy legs were on show

9. When she let her underwear get more air-time

10. When she wore this hat with a boring pant suit

11. When she was wrapped like a chinese spring roll

12. When she wore this bra with jeans

13. When her legs needed more sun and she is a tribal princess

14. When she became a Middle-Eastern princess

15. When she was in total black and white

16. When she wore her heart on her boob

17. When she needed this whimsical hat

18. When she stunned in gold

19. When she wore this multi-color coat

20. When she wore this unique dress

21. When she dressed down in floral

22. When she dressed like a boxer

23. When she was too glittery to look at

24. When we don't know if its pants or skirt

25. When she embraces her critics

26. When she tells us what she feels about our opinions of her

27. When she went simply red

28. When she sizzled up this outfit

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By: Maverine Lane

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