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Elizabeth Olsen: I blew it with Taylor Swift

May 7, 2015 Taylor Swift, James Corden, Elizabeth Olsen

Despite being an Avenger, Elizabeth Olsen is still not getting into Taylor Swift's girl posse. The actress talked about how she had an awkward encounter with the singer at a birthday party recently.

“I really love her, and earlier in my ballet class, I was doing a dance sequence to her music,” Olsen said on The Late Late Show With James Corden.

“I only listen to her music when I’m working out, which is a little too often because of Avengers. And I just talked at her for like a long time. I think I blew it because we didn’t exchange phone numbers or anything.”

Olsen won't also be getting any texts from Tay Tay anytime soon thanks to an unintentional diss about the popstar's music.

“She was asking me which song it was, and I couldn’t remember the song title, and I wasn’t going to sing it for her!” she exclaimed. “I’m still nervous thinking about it right now.”

She though has no regrets as she's now hanging out with a much cooler league - her Avenger's costars. She says, "No one's a diva."

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By: Maverine Lane

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