98-year-old woman wears her 1938 wedding dress at church fashion show
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98-year-old woman wears her 1938 wedding dress at church fashion show

May 20, 2011 02:58 pm CDT 

A 98-year-old Michigan woman recently wore her wedding dress from 1938. However, this time it wasn't down the aisle to get hitched, but rather to model the piece at a vintage bridal gown show.

Agnes Anderson, 98, of Laketon said the dress was in perfect condition when she pulled out of storage. She retrieved so she could wear it in the May 10 show at the Samuel Lutheran Church in Muskegon. The church is where her daughter, Alice Land, is a member.

Anderson wore the dress in 1938 when she married her college sweetheart Delmar Anderson, who died in 1989. She said she had nearly 52 "wonderful" years of marriage until her husband's death.

"I never had it out, but pulling out the gown, you relieve those moments, all those times," Anderson said in a Muskegon Chronicle. "I can't complain. I've had a very, very happy life."

Anderson was initially expecting to be walked down the aisle at the fashion show by a church member, however her son, Dick Anderson, made a surprise visit to walk with her during the event.

She then took her place at the church sanctuary with the other models donning gowns of church and family members or other friends.

The show featured 20 bridal gowns, some dating back to 1933.

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