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Find out why Eva Mendes will never wear sweatpants

March 19, 2015 Eva Mendes, Ryan Gosling

Eva Mendes knows a thing or two especially when it comes to style. The Hitch actress, who regularly makes a style statement on the red carpet, also knows how to keep things fab at home.

In an interview with Extra, she was asked if she ever got comfy in her house in a pair of sweatpants. The answer was immediate: "No, no, no!"

"Sweatpants, no, no, no, no," Mendes stressed. "No, no, you can't do sweatpants. Ladies, number one cause of divorce in America is sweatpants. No, you can't do that."

Ryan Gosling's flame also went on to explain about parenting their first child Esmeralda, whom she had given birth to in September 2014.

"I'm actually starting to sleep so I'm at a good place," she said about her motherly duties. "Sleeping through the night, but every night is like, you never know. Something random can happen and it just suddenly is not sleeping through the night and you're just like, 'Wait, I thought we were sleeping through the night. What's up?' Why does it always happen at three or four in the morning?"

The experience also prompted the star to be more appreciative of her own mother.

"My mother has never gotten more like 'I love you so much Mommy' texts," Mendes spilled. "I mean, randomly, I'm just, 'I love you so much, Mom. You're the best mom.' If you look at my text history it's like all how much I love her."

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By: Maverine Lane

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