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Gavin Rossdale Rubbishes Rumours of Split with Gwen Stefani

September 10, 2014 Gwen Stefani, Howard Stern

The gorgeous duo Gavin Rossdaleand Gwen Stefani, who welcomed their third son together in February, are doing great—but Rossdale admits that it's downright "humiliating" to see stories claiming otherwise.

"It's so mean-spirited," the British-born singer said on The Howard Stern Show this morning, recalling an otherwise fabulous night at dinner with his wife and friends during which someone emailed him a copy of an OK! magazine cover proclaiming the couple had "split."

"It was the same day with that tragic, terrible shooting down of the plane and I felt so humiliated that anything, even the biggest load of bulls--t, had any place in the media when such a tragic event was going on, and I cursed that magazine and that girl that wrote that, and I just thought, ‘what a way to run your life,'" Rossdale fumed.

Asked if it was painful to tell Stefani about those kinds of stories once they were out there, the former Bush frontman agreed, "Super-painful."

"Of course, it's humiliating," he continued. Noting that he was trying to find the right word to describe the feeling, he added, "Especially when you just put so much in and people…they just want you to fail."

Rossdale, who is also dad to adult daughter Daisy from a previous relationship, attributes the latest round of split speculation (he told Howard that tabloids have seemingly been running the clock on his and Gwen's relationship from the beginning) to his crack back in June about how he and Stefani find time for each other despite their busy schedules.

"I'm pretty dry and I've got a decent sense of humor, so they say to me, ‘You're doing this, you've got a new record...'How do you guys find time for each other?'" he recalled. "

"And I said, ‘We don't, that's why we've been together so long.' I was f--king around, that's funny to me. Where I'm from, that's funny. And it was funny, for about a week, and then it's like, ‘oh...interesting.' So it's just me and my big mouth."

Talking about Gwen's surprise third pregnancy, Gavin revealed that his wife informed him via email that she was pregnant again.

"The title was, in capitals, ‘look what you did to me now,'" he laughed. "My blood pressure went through the roof. I opened the email and it was the pregnancy stick."

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By: Maverine Lane

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