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Jennifer Aniston warns Katy Perry about new beau

November 5, 2012 Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson, John Mayer, Taylor Swift, Perez Hilton, Katy Perry

Having dated John Mayer, Jennifer Aniston is in a better place to advice recently divorced Katy Perry about the heartbreaker that Mayer is.

Hollywood life reports that an insider revealed that Aniston has warned Katy about Mayer. In addition to being a heartbreaker, Mayer has the reputation of a wondering eye

The source said “Katy should really watch out. Take it from Jen. She’s been there and done that and it took her years to recover”.

According to the source, Jen gave Mayer more than a year to prove himself as marriage material and clearly he failed. The source also added that Katy needs to be warned about Mayer’s hypnotic ways before it is too late.

Mayer has dated Taylor Swift and Jessica Simpson and according to the source, some of the women who have dated him have lived to cry their eyes out.

The source also said Mayer is thrilled with Katy because she isn’t needy. She is very strong and independent and gives him the impression that she can take him or leave him.

Perez Hilton also made a warning for Katy saying “Gurl deserves a king! I hope Johnny Boy can handle her greatness”.

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By: Maverine Lane

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