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Julia Roberts Wants her Kids to Stand Up for Themselves

October 21, 2014 Amy Poehler, Jessica Capshaw, Julia Roberts, Morena Baccarin, Elisabeth Rohm, Derek Hough, Cheyenne Jackson, Jim Parsons, Kirsten Vangsness, Ryan Murphy

Julia Roberts couldn't help but be impressed by the teenage gay rights activists she met on Friday night at GLSEN's Respect Awards.

"These are the heroes, what they deal with, how brave they are, how well spoken, how articulate, the way they champion themselves and their causes is incredible to me," the Oscar winner told me at the gala at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. "I was not like this when I was in high school."

What was she like in high school? "I couldn't put a complex sentence together much less present myself in an open forum," she said.

GLSEN is a nationwide advocacy group that works to make schools safe for LGBT students.

"I have three little kids that I hope grow up to be just as inspired to speak out in what they believe in and what their friends believe in," Roberts said. "These guys need back up."

Roberts was honored with this year's Humanitarian Award.

"I want to energetically just pour my heart out to all the mothers of all the children who have suffered from this kind of bullying," said Roberts, who was presented her award by Ryan Murphy.

And then she added, "I just want to go an beat the s--t out of them. And you can't because then there's the second wave of bullying—‘Oh, your mom just beat the s--t out of that guy.'"

Roberts met privately with several of the student ambassadors before gala. "The young people in this room tonight have encouraged me infinitely," she said. "I will be a friend to all. I identify tonight as ‘friend to all in this room' because I'm so moved, I am so amazed and I feel that it is now our responsibility as the Moder family…to support all of you in this room in any and every way that can."

Also honored tonight were Dancing With the Stars' Derek Hough and NBC Entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt. Celeb presenters and guests included Amy Poehler, Jim Parsons, soccer player Robbie Rogers, Cheyenne Jackson, Homeland's Morena Baccarin, Elisabeth Rohm, Jessica Capshaw, Rose McGowan and Shemar Mooreand Kirsten Vangsness of Criminal Minds.

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By: Maverine Lane

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