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Justin Bieber Strips Down

September 10, 2014 Calvin Klein, Rita Ora

international charity fundraiser event which features fashions by the world's top designers and live performances by some of music's biggest names, and while taking the stage to announce Rita Ora's performance, the singer was greeted with an unwarm welcome.

For whatever reason, Biebs was hit with a bunch of boos from the crowd. But no worries, he had a quick fix for that, and it included showing off his ripped bod.

Bieber unbuttoned his blue blazer, took off his shoes, pulled down his pants and took off his black tank top (and even his socks!), giving the screaming fans all around him a nice strip show and ultimately ended up on stage in nothing but his tight black Calvin Klein boxers. He then asked the crowd, "Is that better?"

J.B. tweeted after the event, "Good times tonight. Thanks for having me tonight #FashionRocks. #mycalvins :)," and also shared a fan's Vine video of his little striptease.

"Grandma always said kill 'em with kindness...and then strip on live national tv. Lol," he joked.

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By: Maverine Lane

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