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Katy Perry praises fellow stars Beyonce, Adele but ignores Taylor Swift feud

February 4, 2015 Katy Perry, Adele, Beyonce

Katy Perry is on fire, there's denying that. Her Super Bowl performance has already been hailed for by some as the finest in this side of 2000 and it has definitely opened up her music for a new section of audience, as if the millions behind her is not enough.

In her recent interview with Elle, the superstar talks about the hassles of being a contemporary pop star while dealing with the media and hype. She also puts in a good word for her fellow stars such as Beyonce and Adele and talks about stamping her authority when it comes to her shows.

Check out the excerpts from the interview:

On the challenges of being a popstar today:

"It is a hundred times harder a dream than the dream that I dreamt when I was 9... You think you signed up for one thing, but you automatically sign up for a hundred others. And that is why you see people shaving their f**king heads."

On dealing with media's tendency to create drama:

"You've got to name someone the villain, someone the princess, someone the mom-, the dad-type — you know there always have to be characters. As pop figures, we're all characters. And the media uses that. Who is the sweetheart, who is the villain? You know. Taylor's the sweetheart. Kanye's the villain. That's the narrative."

On relating to Beyoncé:

"Oh my God. I'm such a big Beyoncé fan. Beyoncé just put out a video! You've got to see this video! I was like, Finallllly. Finally I see you. I don't see some propaganda version of you. I see you. I relate to who you are."

On how Adele won her over:

"Adele is so real and couldn't care less about the trappings of fame. She came to a show at the Hammersmith Apollo in England and stole my after-show burrito. She's like [heavy British accent], 'How the f**k did you get a burrito in England?'"

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By: Maverine Lane

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