Actress And Author Fran Drescher Discusses Healthcare Reform
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Actress And Author Fran Drescher Discusses Healthcare Reform

September 8, 2009 02:38 pm CDT 

Actress and author Fran Drescher sat down today to discuss a hot topic with Americans across the country. The NY Times Best Selling author of "Cancer Schmancer" is speaking out about healthcare reform in hopes of helping give everyone a chance at proper healthcare and the right to an early diagnosis.

The former star of "The Nanny," Drescher was diagnosed with uterine cancer in 2000. After undergoing an immediate radical hysterectomy to treat the disease, she was given a clean bill of health and went on to write her book to tell others about her experience.

Drescher told reporters, "I'm a uterine cancer survivor and it took me two years and eight doctors to get a proper diagnosis. Doctors are being bludgeoned by big business health care insurance to go the least expensive route of diagnostic testing, so very often at cancer's earliest and most curable stages it mimics far more benign illnesses. In a woman like myself with uterine cancer, it very well could be misdiagnosed, as I was, with a perimenopausal condition that I didn't have."

Drescher discussed how her passion to fight for nationwide healthcare began saying, "During my book tour I realized that what happened to me has happened to millions of Americans because I myself spoke to hundreds of thousands of them and their story was very similar to my own. So, I realized very quickly that the book was not the end but the just the beginning of what has now become a life mission and this is something that is very near and dear to my heart."

"The problem with the way that healthcare in this country is currently set up is what I refer to as back end healthcare. Back end healthcare means that more often than not, late stage diagnosis is keeping people alive who are chronically ill. Why? Because it is more profitable to do that for certain healthcare industries. Like the health insurance companies. And pharmaceuticals are great proponents in keeping us alive sick longer than curing us at an early stage."

"I feel like this is a terrible, terrible shameful thing that is occurring in our country and that's why I am speaking about it."

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