Dr. Andrew Weil Teaches Us "Why Our Health Matters" In New Book
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Dr. Andrew Weil Teaches Us "Why Our Health Matters" In New Book

September 8, 2009 03:29 pm CDT 

Health-care is currently the biggest political issue affecting America, with Obama proposing a change for affordable, universal health-care. Author Andrew Weil, M.D.'s new book, "Why Our Health Matters," is a timely and extremely relevant exploration of the health-care crisis and how it can change.

In the book, Dr. Weil delves into the root of the problem of the current health-care crisis in America which has led it to place 37th in a rank of health-care outcomes in terms of infant mortality, longevity, and rates of chronic disease in a survey from the World Health Organization.

Dr. Weil also reveals information on the state of medical education in America, the power of insurance and pharmaceutical companies, and even myths and truths about the healthcare industry.

"I wrote 'Why Our Health Matters' because I care very much about health, about my profession, and about my country," said Dr. Weil about his new book. "I would like to see people become informed, and upset and angry with the facts about health-care in America. I want them to understand how much we are paying and how little we are getting. I want to show them all the things that have to change."

"Why Our Health Matters" is in bookstores today.

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