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Mens Journal Criticizes the Workout Technique of Barrack Obama

June 6, 2014 Michelle Obama

Menís Journal has recently dissected President Barrack Obamaís gym routine and offering him ďa few tips for [his] next workout."

Menís Journal has printed some really callous comments stating, "You'll never have better arms than Michelle lifting like that."

It continues to say, "Sir, we felt tired watching you work out," Men's Journal offers. "And the yawning and plodding made it look as fun as a Rand Paul filibuster. Maybe you could enlist the secret service for a group class? Try some Olympic weight lifting? Your wife seems pretty into hula hooping. Kidding, don't do that. But find something a man would do that's enjoyable as that."

Hey, now, real men Hula-Hoop, too! In any case, Men's Journal provides a "modified" version of Obama's workout, complete "with modifications for men looking to get fitter than POTUS."

Wonder what Michelle Obama has to say to that !

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By: Maverine Lane

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