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Naomi Cambell to pay Diana Ross $500,000 to sing at her boyfriendís birthday

November 2, 2012 Naomi Campbell, Diana Ross, India

Days after Naomi Campbell got a house designed in a shape of a space ship from her Russian boyfriend, her turn to surprise her beau has come and the super model is planning to fly Diana Ross to perform at Vladmir Doroninís 50th birthday, which is being termed as the party of the century.

Mailonline has revealed that Naomi is planning to pay Diana $500,000 to perform at the lavish party in Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

According to Mailonline the super model has organized a lavish party for her billionaire boyfriend and has invited a string of A list friends to attend the Indian extravaganza.

Naomiís boyfriend, a Russian businessman will be turning 50 on Wednesday and she is planning to fly Diana Ross to India by a private jet for the two-day event. Sources say the celebrations will include one event at Palatial hotel and the second at a historic fort. Some sources say one venue will be at the Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur.

According to reports,the lavish hotel would this month cost $1700 but the 64-room property has already been booked out next week.

As for the invitations, Naomi had custom made invitations sent via email and featured Mr. Doronin underwater with a seabob and a hand held propulsion device.

Sources say she used the services of Paris based travel expert Omar Cherif who owns OC Travel. She is said to be working around the clock to secure visas for her friends to attend the extravagant party.

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By: Maverine Lane

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