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Ryan Reynolds: Sleep is 'borderline pornographic' after the birth of baby daughter

February 3, 2015 Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is learning the first lessons of being a father and one among that is sleep is a luxury when you have a newborn in the house.

The actor opened up about his baby daughter and being a father in a recent interview to Extra.

"It is challenging," Reynolds said. "You are operating on a week's worth of sleep amortized over six months. You donít get a lot of sleep."

He also recently told USA Today though he does enjoy the feeling of being with his daughter, he admits it's not that easy.

"Itís still so new that itís hard to conceive being away for more than seven hours at a time," Reynolds said of being a father. "I had to go to Sundance this last week. I was more excited to get a good nightís sleep. It was borderline pornographic for me."

While he may be lacking in sleep, he confesses there is no shortage of happiness. "It's amazing," he said. "Itís weird to wake up in the middle of the night 45 times and always be in a good mood, in place of that. Iím not used to that, so thatís fun."

Reynolds also revealed that contrary to internet rumours, his daughter's name is not Violet. "No thatís not the name," he claimed. "I donít want to get into that but I donít know where that came from."

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By: Maverine Lane

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