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The kissy reporter who was slapped by Will Smith admits his kissing move was too much

May 24, 2012 Will Smith

The reporter who tried kissing Will Smith now says he regrets his actions. Vitalii Sediuk said in an interview that he regrets his actions and admitted the move was too much.

The saga happened on May 18,when the Men In Black star was greeting and talking to fans and reporters in Moscow. The reporter kissed Will, somewhere close to the mouth and Will in a reflex gave him a light slap and minutes later said the reporter was lucky he did not sucker-punch him.

Speaking about the incidence, the Ukrainian reporter said he did not want to kiss Will Smith on the lips. He said “I tried to kiss him on the cheek and he moved his face too fast, then it turned out as if I wanted to kiss him on the lips”.

Sediuk deeply regrets how the day turned out because he really respects Will Smith as an actor. He added that he wanted to do something to impress him. He said “When I met him in Moscow, I wanted to do something to impress him”.

Talk about being star struck! Sediuk said he had never tried doing something like that. He said “I don’t kiss every man or woman when I see them in the street, but that time I decided to do that”.

The reporter apologized for his actions saying “I am sorry Will, it was a splash of emotion. Next time, if I meet him, I will just shake his hand”.

Will Smith had later the same day spoken about the incidence, clarifying that he did not beat up a guy. He said the reporter asked for a hug saying he was a big fan, only for him to try the kiss stunt. Will added that it was awkward. He said that the reporter’s team also tried to apologize about Sediuk behavior.

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By: Maverine Lane

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