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The Twisted Saga of Exes

August 1, 2014 Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom, Justin Bieber

The befuddling and complicated apparent romance between Orlando Bloom and Erica Packer continued Thursday as the couple hung out at a restaurant in Formentera, Spain.

As we have previously reported, Bloom and Packer have been spending a lot of time together all week. So what’s complicated you ask? Last year their exes, Miranda Kerr and James Packer were romantically linked post their respective divorces!

What’s even more muddling is that the four of them – Orlando Bloom. Miranda Kerr, Erica Packer and James Packer were friends when their marriages were unbroken.

Orlando has been making headlines all week. First he threw a wimpy punch at Justin Bieber over Miranda Kerr, and now he is hanging out with Miranda’s ex James’ ex Erica!

Whew! How does he manage it all?

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By: Maverine Lane

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