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Alice cooperAlbums And Tracks
Along came a spider
  1. (In touch with) your feminine side lyrics
  2. Catch me if you can lyrics
  3. I'm hungry lyrics
  4. I am the spider epilogue lyrics
  5. Killed by love lyrics
  6. Prologue i know where you live lyrics
  7. Salvation lyrics
  8. The one that got away lyrics
  9. Vengeance is mine lyrics
  10. Wake the dead lyrics
  11. Wrapped in silk lyrics
Dirty diamonds
  1. Dirty diamonds lyrics
  2. Perfect lyrics
  3. Pretty ballerina lyrics
  4. Run down the devil lyrics
  5. Six hours lyrics
  6. Stand lyrics
  7. Steal that car lyrics
  8. Sunset babies (All got rabies) lyrics
  9. The saga of jesse jane lyrics
  10. The sharpest pain lyrics
  11. Woman of mass distraction lyrics
  12. Your own worst enemy lyrics
  13. You make me wanna lyrics
  14. Zombie dance lyrics
welcome 2 my nightmare
  1. A bad situation
  2. A runaway train
  3. Caffeine
  4. Disco bloodbath boogie fever
  5. Ghouls gone wild
  6. I'll bite your face off
  7. I am made of you
  8. I gotta get outta here
  9. Last man on earth
  10. No more mr. nice guy lyrics
  11. Poison lyrics
  12. Something to remember me by
  13. The black widow lyrics
  14. The congregation
  15. The nightmare returns
  16. The underture
  17. Under the bed
  18. We gotta get out of this place lyrics
  19. What baby wants
  20. When hell comes home

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