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A hundred miles or more a collection
  1. Away down the river lyrics
  2. Baby mine lyrics
  3. Down to the river to pray lyrics
  4. Get me through december lyrics
  5. How's the world treating you (Duet with james taylor) lyrics
  6. I give you to his heart lyrics
  7. Jacob's dream lyrics
  8. Lay down beside me (Previously unreleased duet with john waite) lyrics
  9. Missing you (Duet with john waite) lyrics
  10. Molly ban lyrics
  11. Molly baN lyrics
  12. Sawing on the strings lyrics
  13. Simple love lyrics
  14. The scarlet tide lyrics
  15. Whiskey lullaby (Duet with brad paisley) lyrics
  16. You're just a country boy lyrics
  17. You will be my ain true love lyrics
Paper airplane
  1. Bonita and bill butler lyrics
  2. Dimming of the day lyrics
  3. Dustbowl children lyrics
  4. Lay my burden down lyrics
  5. Lie awake lyrics
  6. Miles to go lyrics
  7. My love follows you where you go lyrics
  8. On the outside looking in lyrics
  9. Opening farewell lyrics
  10. Paper airplane lyrics
  11. Sinking stone lyrics
Raising sand
  1. Fortune teller lyrics
  2. Gone gone gone (Done moved on) lyrics + video
  3. Killing the blues lyrics
  4. Let your loss be your lesson lyrics
  5. Nothin' lyrics
  6. Please read the letter lyrics + video
  7. Polly come home lyrics
  8. Sister rosetta goes before us lyrics
  9. Stick with me baby lyrics
  10. Through the morning, through the night lyrics
  11. Trampled rose lyrics
  12. Your long journey lyrics

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