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All star unitedAlbums And Tracks
  1. Love and radiation lyrics
Love and radiation
  1. Before you break my heart lyrics
  2. In a world where nothings wrong (You re alright) lyrics
  3. Jesus of the radio lyrics
  4. Let's rock tonight lyrics
  5. Like hallelujah lyrics
  6. Love and radiation lyrics
  7. Take me a way lyrics
  8. There's gotta be something lyrics
  9. The song of the year lyrics
  10. We could be brilliant lyrics
  11. You you you (Yeah yeah yeah) lyrics
The good album
  1. Crashing cars
  2. Dude that's freaking awesome
  3. Good luck with the girls
  4. Good times
  5. I'm a killer
  6. Is this the moment
  7. Lights out
  8. Once again, with feeling
  9. Pretty famous
  10. Surface of the sun
  11. The blame

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