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Doll revolution
  1. Ask me no questions lyrics
  2. Between the two lyrics
  3. Call on me lyrics
  4. Getting out of hand lyrics
  5. Grateful lyrics
  6. Here right now lyrics
  7. I will take care of you lyrics
  8. Lost at sea lyrics
  9. Mixed messages lyrics
  10. Nickel romeo lyrics
  11. Ride the ride lyrics
  12. Single by choice lyrics
  13. Something that you said lyrics
  14. Song for a good son lyrics
  15. Stealing rosemary lyrics
  16. Tearing off your own head lyrics
  17. The rain song lyrics
Sweetheart of the sun
  1. Annalee
  2. Ball & chain
  3. Circles in the sky
  4. I will never be through with you
  5. Lay yourself down
  6. Mesmerized
  7. One of two
  8. Open my eyes
  9. Sweet and tender romance
  10. Through your eyes
  11. Under a cloud
  12. What a life

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