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ForBlackie and the rodeo kings
Blackie and the rodeo kingsAlbums And Tracks
Let's frolic again
  1. Better off alive
  2. Don't blame your blues on me
  3. Down by the henry moore
  4. Down to hell
  5. How long
  6. Night's black bridge
  7. Old hotel
  8. Old slewfoot
  9. Poison girl
  10. Red red robin
  11. Something's on my mind
  12. Sometimes it comes easy
  13. Take cathy dancing
  14. There's no one like you after all
Swinging from the chains of love
  1. 49 tons lyrics
  2. Andrews
  3. Caves of jericho
  4. Folsom prison blues
  5. Heaven for a lonely man
  6. If i catch you crying lyrics
  7. Lean on your peers lyrics
  8. Remedy lyrics
  9. Sometimes it comes so easy
  10. Stoned lyrics
  11. Swinging from the chains of love lyrics
  12. Vale of tears lyrics
  13. Water or gasoline lyrics
  14. White line lyrics

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