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Breathe carolinaAlbums And Tracks
Hello fascination
  1. Can i take you home lyrics
  2. Dressed up to undress lyrics
  3. Have you ever danced lyrics
  4. Hello fascination lyrics
  5. I'm the type of person to take things personal lyrics
  6. I.D.G.A.F. lyrics
  7. I have to go return some video tapes lyrics
  8. My obsession lyrics
  9. Rescue lyrics
  10. Take me to infinity lyrics
  11. The dressing room lyrics
  12. Tripped and fell in portland lyrics
  13. Velvet lyrics
  14. Welcome to savannah lyrics
Hell is what you make it
  1. Blackout
  2. Chemicals
  3. Edge of heaven
  4. Get off easy
  5. Gone so long
  6. Last night (Vegas)
  7. Lauren's song
  8. Rebirth - an introduction
  9. Sweat it out
  10. Take it back
  11. They say you won't come back
  12. Waiting
  13. Wooly
It's classy, not classic
  1. Classified lyrics
  2. Diamonds lyrics
  3. Gossip lyrics
  4. Lovely lyrics
  5. No vacancy lyrics
  6. Show me yours lyrics
  7. That's classy lyrics
  8. The birds and the bees lyrics
  9. The introduction lyrics
  10. You wish (Interlude)
Other songs
  1. Don't forget lock the door lyrics
  2. Down lyrics
  3. Mile high christmas lyrics
  4. Put some clothes on lyrics
  5. See you again lyrics
  6. With or without you lyrics

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