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Bushwick billAlbums And Tracks
Testimony of redemption
  1. All the pain
  2. Calling to you
  3. God's side is the best side
  4. Going to the river
  5. Guardian angel
  6. Interlude (Classic mix)
  7. I know what you might think
  8. Life is a beautiful struggle
  9. No more childish play
  10. Praise god for you
  11. Praise of a good woman
  12. Renewed mind
  13. Spiritual warfare
  14. Sunshine down
  15. Takin' it back
  16. Takin' it back (Remix)
  17. Takin' it back (Skit)
  18. Testimony of redemption
  19. Thorn in my side
  20. Work it out

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