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CalibanAlbums And Tracks
Say hello to tragedy
  1. 24 years
  2. All i gave
  3. Caliban's revenge
  4. Coma
  5. End this sickness
  6. In the name of progression
  7. Liar
  8. Love song
  9. No one is safe
  10. The denegation of humanity
  11. Unleash your voice
  12. Walk like the dead
The awakening
  1. Another cold day lyrics
  2. Give me a reason lyrics
  3. I'll show no fear lyrics
  4. I believe... lyrics
  5. I see the falling sky lyrics
  6. I will never let you down lyrics
  7. Let go lyrics
  8. Life is too short lyrics
  9. My time has come lyrics
  10. Nowhere to run, no place to hide lyrics
  11. Rise and fight lyrics
  12. Stop running lyrics
  13. The awakening lyrics

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