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Children of bodomAlbums And Tracks
  1. Banned from heaven lyrics
  2. Blooddrunk lyrics
  3. Done with everything, die for nothing lyrics
  4. Ghostriders in the sky lyrics
  5. Hellhounds on my trail lyrics
  6. Lobodomy lyrics
  7. Lookin' out my back door lyrics + video
  8. One day you will cry lyrics
  9. Roadkill morning lyrics
  10. Smile pretty for the devil lyrics
  11. Tie my rope lyrics
Relentless reckless forever
  1. Angels don't kill lyrics
  2. Cry of the nihilist
  3. Every time i die lyrics
  4. Northpole throwdown
  5. Not my funeral lyrics
  6. Party all the time
  7. Pussyfoot miss suicide
  8. Relentless reckless forever
  9. Roundtrip to hell and back lyrics
  10. Shovel knockout
  11. Ugly
  12. Was it worth it lyrics + video

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