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Company of thievesAlbums And Tracks
Ordinary riches
  1. Around the block lyrics
  2. Even in the dark lyrics
  3. In passing lyrics
  4. New letters lyrics
  5. Old letters lyrics
  6. Oscar wilde lyrics
  7. Past the sleep lyrics
  8. Pressure lyrics
  9. Quiet on the front lyrics
  10. The fire song lyrics
  11. The tornado song lyrics
  12. Under the umbrella lyrics
Running from a gamble
  1. After thought lyrics
  2. Death of communication lyrics
  3. Gorgeous-Grotesque lyrics
  4. Intro
  5. King of dreams lyrics
  6. Look both ways lyrics
  7. Modern waste lyrics
  8. Never come back lyrics
  9. Nothing's in the flowers lyrics
  10. Queen of hearts lyrics
  11. Syrup lyrics
  12. Tallulah lyrics
  13. Won't go quietly lyrics

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