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Abigail will be born with four friendly eyes
  1. A little kiss and tell
  2. Ghost town
  3. Graveyard dancing lyrics
  4. I'm here to take the sky lyrics
  5. I'm the rehab, you're the drugs lyrics
  6. If you think this song is about you, it probably is lyrics
  7. Laminated e.T. animal lyrics
  8. Mr. owl ate my metal worm lyrics
  9. My swagger has a first name lyrics
  10. Run or remain
  11. Sex life (1980) lyrics
  12. Stabbing in the dark
  13. Stop reading and start doing push-Ups lyrics
  14. There's no point thinking
  15. Thermacare
  16. The hangman lyrics
  17. The only thing you talk about lyrics
  18. You're not the one

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