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Devil got his way
  1. 28 degrees
  2. After the rain
  3. American dream
  4. Cypress in the pines lyrics
  5. Devil got his way
  6. Don't call me
  7. Fruit stand lady
  8. Happy hour
  9. Once in awhile
  10. Tight rope
  11. We've got a good thing
  12. You go your way
Sugar shack
  1. Don't know why i love you
  2. I'm just an old chunk of coal
  3. I hope it's gonna rain
  4. James
  5. Lonely blues
  6. Some fun
  7. Sugar lee
  8. Sugar shack
  9. Third rate romance
  10. Tonight the bottle let me down
  11. Vfw
  12. Wrong side of the road

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