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Daniel johnstonAlbums And Tracks
Beam me up!
  1. Devil town lyrics
  2. Last songs
  3. Love enchanted lyrics
  4. Mask lyrics
  5. Must
  6. Sarah drove around in her car
  7. Syrup of tears lyrics
  8. The beatles lyrics
  9. True love will find you in the end lyrics
  10. Try to love
  11. Walking the cow lyrics
  12. Wicked world
Is and always was
  1. Fake records of rock and roll
  2. Freedom
  3. High horse lyrics
  4. Is and always was
  5. I had lost my mind lyrics
  6. Light of day
  7. Lost in my infinite memory
  8. Mind movies lyrics
  9. Queenie the doggie
  10. Tears
  11. Without you

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