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Darkest hourAlbums And Tracks
Deliver us
  1. An ethereal drain lyrics
  2. A paradox with flies lyrics
  3. Closing on the day lyrics
  4. Deliver us lyrics
  5. Demon(S) lyrics
  6. Doomsayer (The beginning of the end) lyrics
  7. Fire in the skies lyrics
  8. Full imperial collapse lyrics
  9. Sanctuary lyrics
  10. Stand and receive your judgment lyrics
  11. The light at the edge of the world lyrics
  12. Tunguska lyrics
The eternal return
  1. A distorted utopia lyrics
  2. Bitter lyrics
  3. Black sun lyrics
  4. Blessed infection lyrics
  5. Death worship lyrics
  6. Devolution of the flesh lyrics
  7. Into the grey lyrics
  8. No god lyrics
  9. The tides
  10. Transcendence lyrics
The human romance
  1. Beyond the life you know
  2. Love as a weapon
  3. Man and swine
  4. Purgatory
  5. Savor the kill lyrics
  6. Severed separates
  7. Terra nocturnus
  8. Terra solaris
  9. The world engulfed in flames
  10. Violent by nature
  11. Wound
  12. Your every day disaster

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