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Dave kozAlbums And Tracks
Greatest hits
  1. All i see is you
  2. And then i knew
  3. Bada bing
  4. Can't let you go (The sha la song)
  5. Castle of dreams
  6. Emily
  7. Faces of the heart
  8. Honey-Dipped
  9. I can
  10. Life in the fast lane
  11. Love changes everything
  12. Love is on the way
  13. Lullaby for a rainy night
  14. Together again
  15. You make me smile
Hello tomorrow
  1. Anything's possible
  2. Get away
  3. It's always been you
  4. Put the top down
  5. Remember where you came from
  6. Start all over again
  7. There's a better way
  8. The journey
  9. Think big
  10. This guy's in love with you
  11. What you leave behind
  12. When will i know for sure
  13. Whisper in your ear
Other songs
  1. Nothing but the radio on lyrics
  2. The dance lyrics

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