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I never thought this day would come
  1. By the skin of my teeth
  2. Diggin' an early grave
  3. Flesh and blood dance
  4. If i don't feel it
  5. I never thought this day would come
  6. Let me go (Please please please)
  7. Mockingbird, wish me luck
  8. Nothin' you could do could bring me round
  9. Nothing comes easy
  10. Sweet, sweet kisses
  11. Those proverbs we made in the winter must end
  12. Why does anybody love
Orchestral manoeuvres in belfast
  1. Brixton leaves lyrics
  2. Freewheel lyrics
  3. I let you down lyrics
  4. Last night i nearly died lyrics
  5. No cover up lyrics
  6. Overture
  7. Portrait lyrics
  8. Regarding the moonlight in eastbourne lyrics
  9. Salvation tambourine lyrics
  10. Wake up scarlett lyrics

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