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Ellis paulAlbums And Tracks
A summer night in georgia
  1. 3,000 miles lyrics
  2. Alice's champagne palace lyrics
  3. Angel in manhattan lyrics
  4. Angel in manhattan intro
  5. Banter
  6. Black top train
  7. Brant's birthday song
  8. Calendar man
  9. Calendar man intro
  10. Eddie's intro
  11. Hurricane angel
  12. Maria's beautiful mess lyrics
  13. Once upon a summertime
  14. Road trip
  15. Road trip intro
  16. Take all the sky you need
  17. Thanks to eddies
  18. The world ain't slown' down
  19. Waking up to me
The day after everything changed
  1. Annalee lyrics
  2. Dragonfly lyrics
  3. Heaven's wherever you are lyrics
  4. Hurricane angel lyrics
  5. Nothing left to take lyrics
  6. Once upon a summertime lyrics
  7. Paper dolls lyrics
  8. River road lyrics
  9. Rose tattoo lyrics
  10. Sometime, someplace lyrics
  11. The cotton's burning lyrics
  12. The day after everything changed lyrics
  13. The lights of vegas lyrics
  14. Waking up to me lyrics
  15. Walking after midnight - change lyrics
The dragonfly races
  1. Abiola lyrics
  2. Because it's there lyrics
  3. I like to swing lyrics
  4. I lost a day to the rain lyrics
  5. Million chameleon march lyrics
  6. Nine months to fix the world lyrics
  7. Pinwheel lyrics
  8. Road trip lyrics
  9. The bed song lyrics
  10. The dragonfly races lyrics
  11. The little red rose lyrics
  12. The star inside the apple lyrics
  13. Wabi sabi lyrics

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