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FarewellAlbums And Tracks
Isn't this supposed to be fun
  1. Anchors away lyrics
  2. Cut you a new smile lyrics
  3. Darling darlene lyrics
  4. Eighty eights lyrics
  5. Fed the fire lyrics
  6. First one on the blog lyrics + video
  7. Hey heather lyrics
  8. September brought the fall lyrics
  9. Sing, baby lyrics
  10. Start it up lyrics
  11. Stay pretty lyrics
  12. War lyrics
  13. Zelda lyrics
Run it up the flagpole
  1. A collect call to arms
  2. Before i wake
  3. Catch-As-Catch-Can
  4. Devoid (That's what i think about it) lyrics
  5. Drop dead
  6. Expect the worst
  7. Priorities intact
  8. Rock on the radio
  9. Sucker bait
  10. Take it from me
  11. We all fall down

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