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Four letter lieAlbums And Tracks
A new day
  1. Careless lover lyrics
  2. Daymaker
  3. Faces in places
  4. I'm done trying...
  5. It's finally over
  6. Key to the world
  7. My surrender...
  8. Strugglers
  9. The spell
  10. We're all sinners
  11. Young hearts
What a terrible thing to say
  1. A place called further lyrics
  2. Cake eater lyrics
  3. Charlatan lyrics
  4. It's coming this way lyrics
  5. I don't speak to dead men lyrics
  6. Nothing but a ghost lyrics
  7. Pretend you never happened lyrics
  8. Pretty - ugly lyrics
  9. Think of your favorite place lyrics
  10. What a terrible thing to say lyrics

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