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blaze foley's 113th wet dream
  1. Baby can i crawl back to you
  2. Big cheeseburgers and good french fries
  3. blaze foley's 113th wet dream
  4. Clay pigeons
  5. Cold cold world
  6. Down here where i am
  7. For anything less
  8. If i could only fly
  9. In the misty garden - i shoulda been home with you
  10. No goodwill stores in waikiki
  11. Oh darlin'
  12. Oooh love
  13. Picture cards
  14. Rainbows and ridges
  15. Small town hero
Diamonds to dust
  1. Blanket
  2. Diamonds to dust
  3. Food, water, shelter & love
  4. I've got a passion
  5. Killin' time in texas
  6. Madalyn's bones
  7. Need you now
  8. Up against it
  9. Windows open, windows close
  10. With god on our side
  11. Worth dyin' for
Last exit to happyland
  1. Crossroads
  2. Drums from new orleans
  3. End of the line
  4. Hard road
  5. I got nothin'
  6. Music you mighta made
  7. One more second
  8. She's a river
  9. Voice of midnight
  10. Walkin' to new orleans

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