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GwarAlbums And Tracks
Bloody pit of horror
  1. A gathering of ghouls
  2. Beat you to death
  3. Come the carnivor
  4. Hail, genocide!
  5. Kz necromancer lyrics
  6. Sick and twisted
  7. Storm is coming
  8. The litany of the slain
  9. Tick-Tits
  10. You are my meat
  11. Zombies, march
Lust in space
  1. Damnation under god lyrics
  2. Gwarnography lyrics
  3. Let us slay lyrics
  4. Lords and masters lyrics
  5. Lust in space lyrics
  6. Make a child cry lyrics
  7. Metal metal land lyrics
  8. Parting shot lyrics
  9. Price of peace lyrics
  10. Release the flies lyrics
  11. Uberklaw lyrics
  12. Where is zog lyrics

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